Flye Smart Card - The Future Of Transactions And Travel Has Arrived

Flye Smart Card

The Flye Smart Card has arrived. An amazing mix of technological excellence and total convenience, the Flye Smart Card is set to take the world by storm.

How Flye Smart Card worksNot only does the Flye Smart Card hold all of your credit and debit cards securely in one device, it also has cutting-edge technology when it comes to location-aware loyalty reward features and secure transaction processing.

The exclusive Beacon feature lets local DreamTrips merchants know you have arrived. You also have the ability to store multiple cards on the device and the user interface allows you to switch between your cards quickly and easily.

The Flye Smart Card can also be linked to the DreamTrips app which then allows you to accumulate DreamTrips points at restaurants that are part of the scheme.

The Flye Smart Card looks pretty smart at the moment but even more features on the way will guarantee that it grows even smarter and more indispensable.

An Explanation Of How The Flye Smart Card Works

The App

Using your profile on the app you can have up to eight different cards available at any one time. The friendly user interface allows you to switch between your cards with minimum fuss.

The ability to hold your debit, credit and loyalty cards in one device is unique to the Flye Smart Card and offers a great improvement in both security and convenience.

Major Features of the Flye Smart Card

How Flye Smart Card Works


The card is robust and waterproof and designed to adapt to your changing lifestyle.

Beacon Transmission

This innovative feature allows merchants operating within the scheme to be informed of your arrival and then allow them to provide an experience customized and exclusive to you.

DreamTrips Bonus Points

Once you have connected the Flye Smart Card to the DreamTrips app every transaction will result in you earning extra bonus points.

Top Level Security

The Flye Smart Card offers the highest levels of security whether you may be traveling at home or abroad.

In order to protect your identity the Flye Smart Card uses a personal identification number (PIN), this means that nobody else is able to access your card if they do not have your private PIN.

Furthermore, the card will lock automatically if left unused for 10 minutes. This stops anybody else being able to view your private information or access your card if you leave it somewhere by mistake.

Simple Convenience

Allows you to combine all of your credit, debit and loyalty cards into one for your convenience.

The same size as any other credit card, your Flye Smart Card works just the same. It can be used to make payments for anything, anywhere, just as any other credit card can.

All that you need to do to select the card that you wish to use is swipe the EMV chip. It really couldn’t be any simpler. You will always know which card you have selected as it is displayed on the stamp size screen on your Flye Smart Card.

Flye Smart Card deliveryHow To Order Your Flye Smart Card

Any DreamTrips member is able to order and apply for a Flye Smart Card for their own personal use. With its ease-of-use and inbuilt reward system, the Flye Smart Card is a must have for every traveler. No matter where you travel to around the globe, your new Flye Smart Card will only add to the experience.

Grab the Opportunity to Cash In On This Innovative Technology

By getting in early as a distributor you will be ideally placed to take advantage of the opportunity to earn commission on every card that a member you introduce goes on to buy. Not only that but you will also be earning commission on every new they go on to refer and with this set to go viral the earning possibilities are endless.

In addition to earning commission on card sales you will be earning on every qualifying transaction made by every single one of the members introduced down through your chain of members.

DreamTrips Membership

As a member of DreamTrips you will be part of a worldwide community that enjoys the best of travel and entertainment. Traveling together around the world, the landscapes, colors and cultures that we experience will transform our lives and allow us to open up our eyes to new horizons. DreamTrips is all about new vacations, new friendships and new adventures.

Benefits of DreamTrips Membership

Your membership will allow you to enjoy exclusive benefits and perks that will help make every trip an unforgettable experience. Through our total commitment to providing the highest quality we are able to provide you with excellent value whether you are traveling at home or abroad.

Flye Smart Card DreamTrips

DreamTrips Gold

No matter what your travel budget may be, DreamTrips gold membership will provide you with a selection of travel bonuses that are designed to make the most of your holiday time and make your whole travel experience as smooth as possible.

  • Exclusive access to:
    •  DreamTrips
    • Dream Days
    • Dream Nights
    • VolunTours
  • DreamTrips extras:
    • Airport Transfers
    • Arrival Reception Parties
    • Vacation Hosts
    • Exclusive Excursions
    • Extra Activities
  • DreamTrips Rewards Program
  • Rate Shrinker
  • Dream Trip Travel Deals
  • Flight Accident Insurance
  • Dreamtrips Exclusive Deals
  • Access To The Dreamtrips Marketplace
  • Dining And Entertainment Discounts
  • Dreamtrips Mail
  • Dreamtrips Concierge
  • Personal Website
  • Special Discounts For Airport Parking And Limousine Services

Dreamtrips Platinum

  • Every Item Above Included In The Dreamtrips Gold Membership
  • Exclusive Access To Dreamtrips Platinum Experiences
  • Upgrades On Many Dreamtrips E.G. Room Upgrades, Resort Credits, Green Fees, Lift Tickets, Culinary Classes, Spa Treatment Discounts And Many More
  • Dreamtrips Points Usage Increased By 20%
  • Evacuation Services In The Event Of An Emergency
  • Advanced Access To All Dreamtrips Bookings


DreamTrips Flye Smart Card


How To Earn Dreamtrips Points

DreamTrips Points is a loyalty program designed to help you enjoy even more travel. You can start earning your DreamTrips Points from day one and continue to add to your points month after month, year after year.

Your DreamTrips Points can then be used on our exclusive Reward DreamTrips that include upgrades and other exclusive features to give you a vacation you will never forget.

You can increase your points tally and move towards your next trip by dining in our ever-growing selection of exclusive restaurants around the globe. Where else could you dine your way closer to your next unforgettable break with family and friends? You can find even more ways to experience your next trip through the DreamTrips Rewards program.

Every dollar spent, even on membership fees, will earn you DreamTrips points that can be used towards your next adventure.

Reward DreamTrips are available to many destinations worldwide, from beautiful sunny Brazilian beaches to the Great Wall of China, an exciting choice awaits you.